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March Madness Bracket Special

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Every broadcast journalism major at Emerson College is required to produce one final show on any subject of their choice. My friend and classmate, Matt Josselyn scheduled his show for the beginning of March, which meant there was really only one option…March Madness.

Over the course of two weeks a team of four students collaborated to produce an expert analysis and prediction on the 2013 Men’s NCAA Tournament.

The students took on specific roles based on their interests and unique assets. I was the host of the show, directing questions and interviews with Jacob Oullette, Kyle Brasseur and Trace Salvato. Matt Josselyn was producing from the control room. Based on our personalities and fields of interest, everyone had a specific role to play. Although I had a blast with the boys, in hindsight, I would have loved to have a larger “voice” in stating my own opinions.

Before the show aired, there were weeks of preparation and research. Jacob and Kyle generated their opinions, Matt composed the rundown and a first draft of the scripts and I edited them.

The broadcast was titled, “The Emerson Sports Network’s March Madness Bracket Special.” It aimed to emulate an ESPN-like sports talk show that provided a professional analysis on the bracket breakdown. As I have stated before, basketball is not my forte, but through my general knowledge of sports it was easy for me to generate questions and inquire about legitimate topics.

In all honesty, based on my personal interests and knowledge base, I would have preferred to talk about hockey or soccer, but the indisputable correct decision was to focus on the NCAA Tournament. There are rare cases in which a sports event manifests into something bigger than a game. When that line is crossed and sports become news, there is no option but to cover it and cover it well.


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