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Nobody's Perfect

March Madness Bracket Special

Every broadcast journalism major at Emerson College is required to produce one final show on any subject of their choice. My friend and classmate, Matt Josselyn scheduled his show for the … Continue reading

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The Boston Marathon – Special Report

I’d like to call this my final…on life. If you know anything about journalism, just because I am not in front of the camera in this particular broadcast does not … Continue reading

April 30, 2013 · 1 Comment

And the Ultimate Boston Bruins Fan Goes to…

Some sports fans can be considered obsessed or insane. If you ask them, they’ll probably describe themselves as “enthusiastic.” Jimmy Guy is one of those passionate ones, who has channeled … Continue reading

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Emerson Tennis is Breaking Barriers

You could say they’re bit of a mix. The combination of Emerson and Berklee College students is one of diversity and irregularities. From up and coming journalists to soon-to-be-rockstars, the … Continue reading

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Danny O’Connor’s Massachusetts Boxing Debute at the House of Blues

The Boston-New York rivalry has extended to boxing. Of course, when you hear Boston versus New York, you probably think Red Sox-Yankees, Patriots-Jets, Bruins-Rangers, etc. Well, Framingham, Mass., native Danny … Continue reading

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Providence Friars Advance to Round 3 NIT

“Whatever you can do I can do better,” seemed to be the theme of this game. After competing neck and neck for nearly 30 minutes, the Friar’s men’s basketball team … Continue reading

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My Summer with NESN

Jenny Dell, Fenway Park Reporter                                The following packages are some of the first projects and … Continue reading

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